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Custom silk flower arrangements for wreaths, vases, trays, and bowls.

Working with us is Easy


Schedule a free consultation

Discuss your ideas and secure a spot on our calendar.


Design Meeting

Appointment with our Design Manager to review the plan for your project.


Enjoy your arrangement

Sit back and enjoy the newly decorated piece.

What to Expect at a Floral Arrangement Design Consultation

Always Thinking Designs combines your style with specialty-selected floral pieces that project elegance and enhance the character of a given wreath, vase, tray, or bowl. The influence and beauty of the final arrangement design will speak for itself. 


Whether you own your designated container or would like assistance in choosing one, we can create a stunning floral display with diverse, colorful, or calming floral, and natural-looking and-textured branches that all work together to be a focal point wherever the arrangement is placed.


You get to choose from a variety of floral options presented by our designer, specifically selected for you, that deliver purpose, beauty, and according to your preferences. 


The sky's the limit for what can accompany the flowers in your arrangement including, but not limited to, sphere balls, ornaments, and glass figurines. (Supply costs may vary.)

How much does a Floral Arrangement Design Consultation Cost?

We start every project with a free consultation. Our design costs are $20.00/hour. Depending on the size and complexity of the arrangement, it can be completed while waiting or completed and picked up at a later date, without a price difference. Supply Costs will vary depending on your chosen floral, container, or other decor included in your arrangement. Miscellaneous expenses may also include floral wire, tapes, and floral foam.

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